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Registered Add Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Type of business 喇叭花产品全面覆盖环保快餐盒、奶茶杯、咖啡纸杯、防油纸袋、纸盘等一次性快消品类
Brand LBH
Established in 2013
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Daffodil adheres to its rigorous attitude and strictly controls the production of products from the source factory.

Seek help consumers and businesses choose a disposable tableware that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and hygienic. Full coverage of products

Lunch boxes, aviation cups,

Tea cups, pudding cups, coffee cups, fruit and vegetable boxes, greaseproof paper bags, food containers, etc.

Sub-facility products, will be committed to become a user to buy environmentally friendly, healthy food containers and disposable

Cutlery brand.

Daffodil continues to effectively meet the diversified needs of customers in the food service industry, and customers are mainly concentrated

In the chain of restaurants, tea shops, orchards, fresh delivery, stores, KTV and star hotels, etc.

There are many famous brands such as Amway, Dior, Mengniu and Xiamen Airlines.

Daffodil has always been committed to satisfying the needs of customers and at the same time helping to demonstrate the customer’s brand, philosophy and

service. We admire simplicity and believe that we will serve every customer sincerely and faithfully. Everything else will come

Come on, and this idea is exactly the same as the food and clothing parents in the service industry.

We think that even if it is a disposable appliance, the experience is still very important. Our slogan is to make every customer

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